Saturday, December 31, 2011

Towards 2012

Changes have to happen in the current money system for release of life from enslavement, if amazing how we have ignored the suffering of life like it does not exist, we are now going into a new year as any other new year but still what is abused will still continue to be abused, no change whatsoever , it's time we realize we have alot of interventions to do to bring about the necessary changes, life to be dignified once and forALL, join the journey to create heaven on earth

Friday, December 23, 2011


Tumekua mawindoni kwa mda mdefu mno, muwinda na muwindwa kwa kutafuta dhamani ambapo kwa kweli haipo Bali,makubaliano yetu sote ulimwenguni, dhahabu ingelikua chuma ya kawaida Kama hakungelikua mwanadamu, Mbona tumeitupa dhamana halisi tulio na kupatia vitu tofauti dhamana ndipo tue na dhamana? Niwakati Wa kurudishi kilicho asili yetu= Usawa na umoja Wa uhai. hatuna visababu tena.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Mad at the world?

Why do people ask if someone is mad/ angry at the world, hey if you have everything to sustain you and don't have to survive, it's a stupid question to ask,we are all in a mind reality that tell us it's Okey for the world to be this way and accepted the way it is, so before you can realize how we have fucked ourselves in an illusionary world you have to be mad at the world and start investigating why is it this way and what the fuck is GOD and his divine angles and saints in heaven doing about it with all the almightiness= nothing! The world is in a mess that we collectively as humans have created all the bullshit that is currently manifesting, so it's up to all of US to take response ability to this fuck up and stop living in imaginations and disregard all the physical suffering of life, so thinking positive is bullshit, we can fucking see, join us as and get this madness stopped. Earn an income while doing this and educate yourself and take self responsibility of changing self, someone told me to get over it, it cannot happen but fuck I am going all the way, how about you, it's time for man to know thy self join destonians if you really care.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why relationship

Why do we claim to love while we keep every moment of being done 'wrong' by a
Partner and keep it as fresh as it had happened? What is love if partner keeps pondering you with the past moments all the time, is this forgiveness valid when it's claimed that a partner has forgiven you for your 'wrong' doings, if one does not self forgive for the past moments as memories, there is no way memories will be released from one claiming that they have forgiven you, so if really you want to forgive someone, you have to self-forgive to take all that is stored as memories, other wise just a word of forgiveness will not do. Self-honesty comes hand in hand with self forgiveness. Let's stop this cycles that keeps us enslaved within us, and truly forgive and let go the past, we only have this one life to live, let's start living

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Relationship as enslavement

Why do we so much desire relationship? One of the reasons is being afraid of being alone, others for security related to money and we call it love, I have a scenario here at my work place where a being brags about how perfect her relationship is and how well her kids are behaved and a lot of let's call it a 'perfect life'they even own the agency she works for, my point is she is having an affair with a collegue of mine and she gave him her panties to keep, it's like WTF , she talk non stop about her perfect life and also being a Sunday school teacher and spreading love, so let's stop hiding behind relationships and bubbles that do not give a fuck about how this world exist as and it's our own acceptance and allowance for it to be this way, let's stop pretending and be REAL, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge another as me. let's to change selves. Let's be REAL

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Extensive possession

Can you imagine how we are mind possessed that even knowing that mind is an illusion we keep on some how believing in it, can't smell it ,can't touch it, has no substance but we are kept in cycles within it and resisting letting go a being, feeds on relationships and jealousness, are we gonna keep on living this way judging everything that comes our way? Are we gonna keep on blaming others for our own fuck ups. Self responsibility has never come easier due to our ignorance and wanting others to take responsibility of our fuckupness , let's us all stop each one,one by one so to bring a world where trust will reign.we are equally HERE and becAuse of our world systems that is us. it does not seem that way, mess in the head= mess in the world. self forgiveness and practical common sense. We have all allowed and accepted this reality the way it is, lets change all change it! We are alone

Friday, May 13, 2011

insane? really

I have not heard what others are saying about me coming from CULTures that are so ingrained into minds of people that think what we are standing for is insane, not having a clue that what they are saying is actually the  opposite, self-forgiveness is the key for all we have accepted and allowed ourselves to exist as.